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It's a new dawn


Let's review your solar revenue potential (SRP) analysis.

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Your present-day market analysis was developed in alliance with:

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Make a difference in your community.

Most of the homes and commercial properties that will exist decades from now have already been built in your city. These buildings are where solar really shines and where the highest rewards reside. For this reason, we applied a complete analysis of all solar viable rooftops in your market. 

Total Solar Viable Roofs




Every included solar viable roof receives at least 75% of the maximum annual sun in your market.


Installation size

Every included solar viable roof has a total potential installation size of at least 2kW.


Space & obstacles

Roofs with only enough space to install 4 adjacent solar panels have been included.


Serious potential.

For serious business.

Solar adoption is rapidly growing due to its reducing costs and environmental benefits. But this opportunity extends far beyond just a few solar panels. With thousands of systems yet to be installed, Florence, SC offers over $1,630,000 in net solar installation revenue potential for only 1% market capture (362 roofs).

Estimated Gross Revenue


▲ 1% Market Capture

Estimated Net Revenue


▲ 30% Operating Margin

Estimated Gross Revenue Potential:

The average solar system size in the U.S. is 5kW. The up-front cost of a 5kW solar system once installed is roughly $15,000. Gross revenue potential is calculated by determining the total market capture for 1% of all solar viable roofs in a franchise region. That number is then multiplied by the average cost of a solar system to arrive at an estimated gross revenue figure.

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More opportunity for a scalable operation.

Solar energy solutions are beginning to transform how people power their homes. And we're just starting to scratch the surface for all solar viable rooftops in your market.

Maximum Solar Gross Revenue


▲ 100% of all solar viable roofs

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Your franchise territory

Carbon Recall® provides franchisees with a protected region. A franchise in an exclusive territory that is large enough to ensure you can continuously grow, improve, or even pass down your business for decades to come.

Franchise territory

Parkville, Hampton, Parkdale, Platte City, Riverside



Individual Franchise Territories:

Carbon Recall's individual franchise territories are areas encompassing contiguous zip codes or counties of at least 100,000 based on the latest U.S. Census Bureau data. We expect franchise owners to start with one Carbon Recall® franchise and grow over time as they gain market share. A territory in a densely populated area may have a smaller geographic footprint than one in a less densely populated area. Ideally, the franchise owners home of operation should be as centrally located within the territory as possible.


Franchise Overview

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates your market population is:

Your franchise territory zip codes include:
64152, 64153, 64151, 64154, 64079, 64150

Your Carbon Recall franchise website domain:

Gross and net revenue potential estimates are only projections and in no way represent income earning statements.
2010 U.S. Census
National Renewable Energy Laboratory weather data,
EPA GHG Equivalencies,
Department of Energy SLED (State & Local Energy Data)
Zillow Home Prices & Current Market Value
ESRI demographic data
Stanford DeepSolar

Disclaimer: This is not an offering to sell a franchise. Franchise offerings are made via Franchise Disclosure Document. Carbon Recall® is a registered trademark of Carbon Recall, LLC. in the United States and in other countries.
The revenue range is based on the same assumptions and subject to the same limitations as the market range. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions from or access to this assessment at any time.

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